Important Tracking Update on Safari

Posted on Oct 03, 2018

Recently Apple released an update to Safari, in this update they released a new feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which you may have heard about recently.

This new feature is designed to limit the ability for advertising platforms to track users across domains. This means at WOW TRK if you are using pixel based tracking and the website visitor uses the Safari web browser and has this feature enabled we will not be able to track the conversion.

What Advertisers Should Do

We highly recommend if possible that Advertisers switch to postback/server-side tracking for their offers on WOW TRK and any other tracking service they use which uses third party cookies, if they are not already using this method of tracking. As any conversions from Safari with ITP enabled will not track using third party cookie tracking.

What We are Doing for Affiliates

We are reaching out to Advertisers via updates in the platform and via email to try and encourage Advertisers to switch to postback/server-side tracking which is not effected by the Safari update. Unfortunately there will almost certainly be advertisers that continue to use pixel tracking due to the ease of setup.

Due to this we will shortly display to Affiliates on our Offer Directory the tracking protocol used by an offer. This way you can be aware that an offer uses pixel tracking and therefore tracking will not work on the Safari browser if it uses ITP.

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