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Posted on Feb 12, 2016

Update December 2019: Please note the offer feeds tool is no longer available.

Recently we updated our Offer Feeds tool with some fantastic changes! Our updates make the Offer Feeds tool even more flexible and it’s still just as easy to setup and place on your site! It’s as simple as copying and pasting some code.

Now that we have updated our Offer Feeds tool to a standard which we think makes it extremely useful for many affiliates, we thought it would be a good idea to list some ideas on how you could use our Offer Feeds tool on your website to make your life easier and increase your revenue with WOW Trk!

Since the latest Offer Feeds update we made it easy to list offers in your feed by the highest performing EPC and CR, meaning without any manual work you could have the best converting offers or the offers with the highest average Earnings Per Click at the top of your feed automatically. Saving you both time and helping you to increase revenue.

Here are just a few of our ideas we have come up with for ways to use the Offer Feeds tool:

– You run a gambling comparison site and you might be thinking about adding a page about Forex & Binary deals as an additional revenue stream but don’t want to invest time in updating it and adding new deals. With Offer Feeds you could create a feed which geo-targets to whichever country your users come from and also have it display all the live Forex offers we have from WOW Trk.

– You run a website that targets, for example, UK visitors but you get a little traffic from Australia, let’s say it’s a website which promotes competitions. You could have a page called ‘Australian Competitions’ and setup a feed which enforces AU offers to display from the ‘Prize Draw’ vertical. This way you can cater for your AU visitors with very little effort.

– After a user signs up to your website or newsletter, you might want to promote offers on the ‘Thank you’ page but don’t have time to keep updating these offers. You could setup an Offer Feed to display below the thank you message with relevant offers for the user.

РYou could setup comparison pages, for example, we have multiple solar providers and comparison companies. You could have an Offer Feed setup to display all these and let your users apply for quotes from different Solar companies and the feed will always be up to date. You can have the Offer Feed display the best converting Solar offers at the top so the users are more likely to sign up with these.

Do you have some ideas? Please do let us know and we will add them to the list! If you ask nicely we will link back to your site to give you credit for your idea :)

Completely new to WOW Trk Offer Feeds? Check out this blog post here, which tells you all about our Offer Feeds tool and what it is does.

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