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Posted on Sep 02, 2015

It has been a while since we made some big changes to our Offer Feeds tool (the last being when we released the option to Geo Target Offer Feeds).

We have been hard at work the past couple of weeks working on some big updates to our Offer Feeds tool. If you are not familiar with our Offer Feeds tool it lets you easily place a list of offers on your website which automatically update as new offers go live and removes offers as they end. It is great for content sites as an example you might want a page dedicated to competitions a user can enter, you can simply setup an offer to just show competitions for a specific country.

Now with these new changes, Offer Feeds are even more flexible!

Some of the new features we have implemented for Offer Feeds:

Order by Highest EPC & CR – The order of the offers shown on your website can be ordered by the average EPC or CR of the offers, therefore you are showing the best converting offers on your site at the top!

Visit Links – Some users may have found it unclear they had to click on the offer image or title, with this setting you can have a ‘View Offer’ link added automatically.

Show ‘Ads by WOW Trk’ link – If you choose to show this link, this will automatically use your referral link. Anyone signing up via this link you will earn 3% of the commission they generate for life.

Bug Fix: Feeds were showing offers you were not approved for, Offer Feeds will now only show offers you are approved for. If you wish to include as many offers as possible in your feed, we recommend you apply to all the offers in the relevant categories for your feed.

Want to setup a new Offer Feed?
Simply login to your account and go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Offer Feeds’ to setup an Offer Feed instantly, copy and paste the automatically generated code and start earning with the new Offer Feeds!

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