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Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Exclusive Offer
WOWingo [Multi]

Wowingo is owned by WOW Media (the parent company of WOW TRK). The offer is exclusive to WOW TRK and only requires a minimum deposit of £5 to convert. No wager requirements.

Payout: £35 CPA
Payable Action: New user deposits £5
Traffic Accepted From: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Malta, Ireland, France, Finland, Anguilla, Isle Of Man, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey
Traffic Accepted: Email, Display, Social, Mobile. No incentives (without Approval, Incentive rate must be given).
User Incentive: £20 free when they deposit £5.

To promote this offer, sign into your WOW Trk account here:

A range of banner ads and email creatives are available for use. Incentive rate and a CPL rate are available subject to approval. Please contact your account manager to discuss this further.

Example Banner:


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