Reminder for Affiliates: Ensure Your Promo Details are up to date

Ensuring your promotional information is kept up to date in your Affiliate account is extremely important. If you have not updated this information in a while, please login to your account now and ensure your promo details are up to date.

Back in 2018 we updated the Promotional Details questions to go more in-depth into how you promote WOW TRK offers and what you are doing to be compliant, especially for Email and SMS Marketing.

Having your up to date promotional details in your account is needed for compliance purposes but it is also useful for the WOW TRK team to help them know what kind of offers we should focus on bringing on the network but also with your offer applications being approved.

Please take a minute to login to your account and go to “Promotional Details” under “My Account” to update your promotional details if you have not done so recently, please also ensure you answer the questions in as much detail as possible – this will really help with offer applications being approved.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or our general support team who will be happy to answer your queries or assist with updating your promo details.

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