Changes to Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

We are making some changes to the Affiliate Terms & Conditions, effective from 30th September 2015.

You can see the new terms & conditions that will take effect from the 30th September 2015 here:

You can see an overview of the changes below, if you have any questions or concerns about the changes you can contact your account manager or our general support team at

2 New Terms have been added to the Affiliate Terms & Conditions:
5.14 If the Affiliate (a) fails to log into the Affiliate’s account on the Service at least once in any 12-month period and (b) the Affiliate fails to generate at least one Event during that period, then any earnings of the Affiliate held in the Affiliate’s account are forfeited to the Company and the Affiliate’s account balance is reset to zero.

7.2 The Company reserves the right in its discretion, including if the Affiliate opts for Paypal as a payment method or if the Company suspects that there may have been illicit activity relating to the account, to request by letter, email or otherwise that the Affiliate verify its postal or other contact details and/or its identity and/or to provide information about its methods of generating traffic and/or to provide other information. If the Affiliate fails within the time specified to respond appropriately or at all to any such request, the Company reserves the right to close the Affiliate’s account, in which case  any earnings of the Affiliate held in the Affiliate’s account are forfeited to the Company. If the Affiliate asks the Company to reissue any verification request and the Company decides in its discretion to do so, the Company is entitled to require payment of a £10 administration fee.

Some smaller changes have also been made:
4.4.3 – This term has been rewritten, you can review this term on the new terms & conditions linked above.
4.6 – The sentence ‘The Affiliate warrants that in respect of each agreement’ has been changed to ‘The Affiliate warrants that in respect of this agreement’
5.9 – Small changes made to term 5.9
7 – The heading has been changed from ‘Security’ to ‘Affiliate’s Account’
14 – Small changes made to term 14.

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