Android App to Check Affiliate Stats on Multiple Sites

Posted on May 24, 2013

Today we have released an Android app for checking your affiliate stats on all HasOffers powered website (not just WOW Trk!)

If you use any HasOffers powered website as an affiliate, you can start using our app to check your stats on the move! See a breakdown of your earnings, look quickly at pre-defined periods or load a custom report. You can even see a list of the offers the network has live at the moment, so you can see which offers you might want to run on the move.

Best of all the app even supports multiple logins, meaning you can save more than 1 login on the app and then choose which network you want to login to when you load the app! So you can quickly and easily check different HasOffers networks on your Android device.

The app is on sale for just £2.79 / $4.20! It supports many Android devices including many mobile phones and tablets.

For more information about the app and to download it visit:

Or go on Google Play on your device and search for ‘Affiliate Stats’

Just want to check your stats for WOW Trk? We have a free Android app for WOW Trk!

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