15 Offers Launch for Malaysia!

Posted on Oct 26, 2012

More offers live on WOW Trk! 15 offers launch for Malaysia traffic.

MY – Free-Choice
MY – Free-test.com.my
MY – Palm of Fortune
MY – Your Voucher
MY – 1 Malaysia Voucher
MY – Your Puzzle
(all pay £0.27 per lead)

MY – Playmo Top3
MY – Playmo iPad Hunt
MY – Playmo iPhone 5
(all pay £1.35 per lead)

MY – Rolyfun Ringtone
MY – Rolyfun iPad3 Quiz
MY – Rolyfun Win iPhone
(all pay £1.15 per lead)

MY – Love Meter
MY – Cheat Meter
MY – KikoRiki
(all pay £1.35 per lead)

For full details about these offers please login to your WOW Trk account. The offers are listed in the offers section under ‘MY Offers’

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