Social Media Marketing – #ad will be required soon

Social ads must include #ad

From the 1st August 2019 we will be requiring all Affiliates to use #ad in any social media posts they publish. We are always looking for ways to improve our network and offer a more transparent experience for users that are seeing WOW TRK ads. New affiliates that have signed up over the past few […]

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Reminder for Affiliates: Ensure Your Promo Details are up to date

Ensuring your promotional information is kept up to date in your Affiliate account is extremely important. If you have not updated this information in a while, please login to your account now and ensure your promo details are up to date. Back in 2018 we updated the Promotional Details questions to go more in-depth into […]

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WOW TRK’s Content Locker Platform is closing

Content Lockers used to be all the rage 5-10 years ago, an abundance of sites were implementing content lockers so users could only access premium content by earning the website owner revenue. The idea was simple, don’t let the user access the content until X amount of revenue has been earned by the user taking […]

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The New Knowledge Base

Today we welcome a brand new look to the WOW TRK Knowledge Base. Over the past few years traffic has steadily grown to our Knowledge Base as Affiliates and Advertisers have discovered the knowledge base and realised the instant value it can provide. We realise instant answers can have tremendous value for our clients which […]

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Are you emailing the correct email address?

Email client example

In May 2018, we updated the contact email addresses for account managers on the WOW TRK website. Due to the UK leaving the EU in March this year we may no longer be able to retain the rights to the domain name. Due to this, we made changes to start using the domain name […]

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Important Tracking Update on Safari

Recently Apple released an update to Safari, in this update they released a new feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), which you may have heard about recently. This new feature is designed to limit the ability for advertising platforms to track users across domains. This means at WOW TRK if you are using pixel based […]

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Reminder: Please Review Your Promo Information

We recently made some changes to the Promotional Details questions within the Affiliate account area and sign up process. The new Promotional Details questions go more in depth into how you plan to promote WOW TRK offers and what you are doing to be compliant, especially for Email and SMS Marketing. It is also important […]

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New Email Marketing Rules on WOW TRK

With GDPR coming in recently and email marketing laws being stricter than ever, we are implementing some changes to the email marketing requirements for Affiliates on the WOW TRK network. As of the 1st October we will be implementing new requirements for Email marketing affiliates. New Email Marketing Rules 1) Our seed address “” should […]

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Personalization: The Future of E-Commerce?

Image Source Let’s do a little thought experiment. Imagine you just walked into your favorite brick-and-mortar store and the salespeople already knew your name and preferences. They greet you warmly and give you product recommendations. And because they know your taste and budget, they even tell you which products you like are on sale for […]

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New: Performance Automation

Today we are introducing new performance automation to WOW TRK thanks to our back-end technology provider. This new performance automation is to help improve the quality of the network by reducing large volumes of low performing traffic sent to our Advertisers and to automatically block incentive/fraudulent traffic. Whilst we have had our fraud detection platform, […]

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