5 Tips for Using the WOW Trk Affiliate Network like a Pro

If you have been using the WOW Trk affiliate network for a while now you may have picked up on the best ways to find offers and keep up to date with your stats. However we are always developing the network and adding new tools and features to help affiliates, new and existing affiliates may find the list below useful.

Below are 5 quick tips to getting the most out of WOW Trk and using the network like a pro.

1) Offer Directory for Advanced Offer Searches
Using the Offer Directory you can filter offers down by keyword, country, category, payout amount, payout type, creatives and also sort offers by EPC and Conversion Rate. Compared to the Affiliate interface which only has 3 filter types. Making the filter search on the Offer Directory a great way to find offers that are perfect for your traffic.

2) Top Offers for EPC, Conversion Rate and Trending Offer Data
The ‘Top Offers’ page within the Affiliate interface lets you see the top performing offers by EPC (Earnings Per Click) and Conversion Rate. Most recently we also added ‘Trending Offers’ so you can see what offers are popular across all the affiliates on the network.

3) Use Your Account Manager for Invaluable Advice
Every single affiliate has an account manager, when you login to the affiliate interface on the left hand side you can see information about your account manager. Reach out to them via email, phone or Skype to get useful insight, help and offer recommendations.

4) Affiliates Tools to Boost Revenue
We offer a great range of tools for affiliates and we are constantly developing existing and new tools for affiliates to help boost their revenue and also save them time by automating processes. You can check out all the free tools we have for affiliates here.

5) Extensions to Keep up to Date with Stats
With our free extensions you can keep up to date with your earnings in seconds. Most recently we developed a full Mac App to keep up to date with your stats, account changes and the latest offers. Just login to the Affiliate interface and click ‘Extensions’ on the left bar to find out about all the free extensions you can download.

If you think we have missed anything or have a question, let our team know or drop a message in the comments below.

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