5 Ways Companies Can Implement Ideas Faster

You’ve had a brilliant idea! You’d like to develop it, fine tune it, and launch it as soon as possible. Perhaps it’s a product in itself – or perhaps it’s a new way to improve the way your business works. You can’t wait! At the same time, you know that moving too fast could mean you launch something that isn’t going to work. How can you speed up the process of developing and testing your idea without sacrificing quality? From the high tech to the basic, here are some ideas for getting your project off the ground faster. 

1. Software and Business Systems: DevSecOps

DevSecOps stands for Development Security Operations. If you’re into software development or run a team that does it for you, you’ll know that development is done, and then a security team tests it before operations gets a look at it. But if you add the implementation of security at every step along the way, and involve operations there are no separate processes to navigate. This new approach to software development makes a great deal of sense. Why have two teams and two processes, when you can have one team that works together? By interweaving these two skill sets, there’s less to fix after the fact, and in deployment to operations, everything comes together smoothly. 

2. Almost Any Business: Don’t be Scared to Test Things Out

Many new ideas become old ideas before they’re even implemented. If you’ve just had a brainwave, ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen if you just test it out as is. If it won’t cause serious disruption or break things, jump right into implementation. If you’re nervous about it, try a dummy run. If your idea works on the first try, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, see if a few tweaks won’t do the trick. Fortune favours the bold!

3. Product Development and Ideas: Put Perfectionism Aside

There are masses of things that will never happen if you’re waiting for perfection. If an imperfect idea can work, put it into practice and improve it as you go. Of course, “imperfect” isn’t the same as “impractical,” but don’t waste time overthinking. Perfection is a rare and beautiful thing, but just consider the many imperfect things that you are still able to enjoy or that have practical use. Quite simply, if it works and does what it’s meant to do, perfection isn’t a necessity. In fact, it can be a huge issue if the quest for perfection is holding you back


4. Big Projects: Use Project Management Methods

Some of your biggest and best ideas will require some legwork before you can get them off the ground. You may feel rather discouraged when you do the breakdown of the things that must be done before your goal is reached – don’t be daunted. Project managers are used to dealing with complex workflows, and the methods they use aren’t mysterious. There are multiple approaches to project management, and all you have to do is select the methods and tools you’ll use to make it happen. But don’t let the project get bogged down – set time limits for everything and keep the process going forward. And if you have to adapt your plans as you go, that’s normal. 

5. Share Your Vision and Promote Collaboration

You’re excited about your idea – but you need a team to make it work. Get them excited too! Shared vision in a team that works together instead of working in isolated silos really helps to foster progress. In our first example, we spoke of software development and how development, security, and operations unite into a single team that contributes to the process. That’s the type of collaboration you’re looking for – and it doesn’t just apply to software development.

Had a great idea on the backburner? Maybe it’s time you dived right in and made it all happen – before your competitors beat you to it! Change is a positive thing. Don’t let your fears stand in the way, and don’t delay!

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