Affiliate Referral Program

At the WOW TRK network we offer a fantastic referral program for all affiliates.

When you open an affiliate account with WOW TRK you can refer other affiliates to WOW TRK and earn commission for any affiliates you refer!

Earn 3% commission for life, on any affiliates you refer.

There are no limits to how many affiliates you refer and no limits to the revenue you can generate from referring affiliates! Simply log in to your account and go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Refer Affiliates’ to grab your unique sign up link.

Your Unique Link sends the Affiliate to the sign up page of the WOW TRK website. However, you can alter the page the URL links to and the link will place a cookie on the users computer so referrals will still be tracked. This is useful for example if you wish to link to something specific like an offer on the WOW TRK website and still generate affiliate referrals. Most affiliate networks don’t have this capability.

If you also want to share your affiliate referral link on your social profiles you can do this from the click of a button from within the WOW TRK affiliate interface ‘Refer Affiliates’ page.

Marketing Material you can use to Promote WOW TRK:

Hi-Res Logo | 728×90 Banner | 300×250 Banner | 468×60 Banner | 160×600 Banner | 120×600 Banner

Not found what you need? No problem! Just drop our support team an email and they will be happy to provide you with what you need to promote the WOW TRK network.

Important Referral Program Terms – You can not refer existing affiliates to WOW TRK or yourself. Any commission from referring yourself or any existing affiliates will be removed from your account. You will only be paid commission on valid conversions. If the affiliates accounts conversions are rejected and/or account is closed due to fraudulent activity you will not be paid referral commission. Affiliate network comparison sites will be set on a reduced rate of 2% referral commission instead of the standard 3%.