Product Trials Affiliate Networks

Before you commit to spending thousands of dollars on a new car, you likely want to take that vehicle out for a test drive. Even on a much smaller scale, it is always enjoyable to try some of the free samples being offered at the market before deciding to buy a new food product. There is a natural inclination to try-before-you-buy and Internet marketers can tap into this desire with product trials affiliate networks like WOW TRK, the international affiliate network dedicated to helping its members earn more and increase traffic.

Among the most popular categories of affiliate offers in the WOW TRK inventory are the various product and service trials that affiliates can offer to their readers and subscribers. This affiliate category carries a good deal of crossover with other categories in the WOW TRK catalog, including the ones related to online prizes, deals and discounts and online surveys.

Online users are very much attracted to the notion of free and getting to try some of their favorite health products, technology products, and even online lotteries where they can stand to win huge sums of money. By referring users to these vendors and services on the Internet, WOW TRK affiliates can enjoy some of the highest payouts and fastest payments in the industry.

Making Money from Trialling Products Online
It is natural for web users to be hesitant or skeptical about making an outright purchase for products and services that may be unfamiliar. That’s perfectly understandable and that’s a big part of the reason why affiliate programs for trials online can be so approachable and so lucrative for WOW TRK affiliate members.

By accessing the large number of offers in the product trials category of the WOW TRK inventory, affiliates can appeal to a user’s desire for a no-risk free trial. The qualifying action for a conversion is oftentimes just a single form submission or an opt-in for registration with no actual purchase necessary.

Indeed, with some of the offers, the users even have the opportunity to be making money from trialling products, either through direct compensation from the vendors or with the opportunity to keep many of the products that they are testing, reviewing or otherwise trying out. Affiliates are encouraged to be creative with their promotion when working with product trials affiliate networks like WOW TRK, attracting and referring users who are enthusiastic about trying new products over the Internet.

The offers that do require new registrants to make an initial deposit or complete an initial purchase before beginning their trial, however, oftentimes boast higher payouts than those that start out as a 100% free product trial. Given this, affiliates can test varying mixes of offers to see which types of offers convert best with their readers, subscribers and followers, as well as what offer mix results in the greatest effective earnings. A lower conversion rate with a higher payout can result in larger profits overall.

As with all affiliate marketing, the mantra is to test, retest and test again, adapting strategies, content and targeting to maximize revenue. WOW TRK provides some of the most robust real-time analytics for this very purpose, empowering affiliates with the data they need to optimize their campaigns.

Examples of Company Trials Online
With a growing number of offers from a wide range of industries and niches, WOW TRK continues to be a leader among product trials affiliate networks. Affiliates who specialize in a variety of different interest areas and verticals will find appropriate product trial offers to suit their specific demographics and market segments.

There are offers with more universal appeal. For instance, some offers cater to the technology and entertainment crowd with a number of different consumer electronics and gadgets, as well as online streaming services for music and multimedia. Other offers are geared more toward health and wellness, as would be the case with the rising niche of e-cigarettes in an effort to help people quit smoking and lead healthier lives. The health and wellness industry also includes weight loss products and programs, as well as beauty products.

With robust and reliable tracking technologies, dedicated affiliate managers, an assortment of powerful and unique tools, and great incentives for higher performance, WOW TRK is the affiliate network of choice for affiliates from all around the world. Drive more traffic and earn bigger payouts by signing up for a free account.