Online Prizes Affiliate Networks

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… unless you win it on the Internet. WOW TRK is one of the best online prizes affiliate networks on the web today, empowering affiliates from all around the world to earn more and increase traffic while providing their readers, subscribers and followers with great offers and real value. And some of these offers have prizes that are far more lucrative and valuable than a bowl of soup and a sandwich!

In fact, online prize draws is one of the largest and most popular categories in the WOW TRK affiliate network inventory, boasting well over 100 offers to approach a range of geographical locations and demographics. Because of the very nature of these offers providing readers with prizes online, affiliates can generate and convert their commissions without the referred users spending any money of their own.

The prospect of winning a shiny new computer, tablet or smartphone is something that appeals to just about anyone on the Internet today and WOW TRK affiliates have the opportunity to rake in significant revenue by promoting offers in the online prizes category. High volumes and high conversion rates are well within reach for affiliates of all experience levels.

Making Money from Online Prizes
The list of active offers from WOW TRK can easily be sorted to view only offeers in the “Prize Draws” category where referrals can enter into a variety of draws, competitions and giveaways to win some great prizes online. Several of these affiliate offers are being specifically geotargeted to certain regions, like Ireland or Australia, encouraging affiliates to target potential referrals with laser-like, pinpoint precision.

WOW TRK is proud to be a top-tier affiliate network with no shortage of offers in the online prizes niche. Conversion rates are very high in this category, largely because the offers typically have payable actions that do not require the referral to spend any money of their own; they simply have to opt in to a mailing list or customer list. Some offers convert on a single opt-in or double opt-in, while others may require a 2nd or 3rd page submission. In every case, it only takes a few minutes of their time, resulting in easy conversions and high volumes for affiliate payouts.

As an affiliate network with a high level of integrity and professionalism, WOW TRK works only with respectable vendors and online service providers who wish to advertise through the affiliate network. Affiliates can rest assured that these prize draws are legitimate and that their users are safe in signing up for the different draws, lotteries, consumer survey sites and online giveaways.

Win Prizes Online
The types of offers found through the affiliate network for online prizes are incredibly broad in scope and should appeal to a broad range of demographics, regardless of the industry vertical or niche that you typically market to as part of your overall affiliate mix.

Some of the prize draw offers are simply that: site visitors enter to win fabulous prizes including gift cards worth quite the pretty penny and they hope that their chance turns into a reality. Other offers are designed such that every entrant receives some reward simply for participating, like great money saving offers and discounts on merchandise that they already want. This is in addition to the chance to win even bigger online prizes and vouchers just for signing up with the advertiser’s site.

In some instances, the same advertiser has come up with multiple offers that are similar in style, but cater to different users based on the prize that they can win. They may all be online surveys, but after answering a few short questions, the users may be eligible for everything from great food items to designer apparel, from supermarket gift cards to health and beauty products. It’s simple, easy, straightforward, and so much fun!

Sign up for an affiliate account with WOW TRK today. Increase your traffic, improve your ROI and earn more money by encouraging your subscribers and readers to win some exceptional online prizes.