Advertiser Cost Models

At WOW Trk you can run your advertising campaign (offer) on a range of different cost models. Below are the cost models you can choose from.

CPA – Cost Per Action/Conversion. You are billed for each conversion and affiliates are paid for each conversion (minus our override). A conversion might be an insurance quote, a newsletter sign up, loan request, trial request or website registration.

CPC – Cost Per Click. You pay for each click delivered to your website. The affiliate is paid for each click (minus our override) they send to your website/landing page.

CPS – Cost Per Sale. You pay for each sale received on your website. Affiliate earns commission for every sale they manage to send your website (minus our override).

CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This means you are billed per thousand views of your marketing material and the affiliate is paid per thousand views (minus our override).

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